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While Education is a hot topic, very few communities seem to be tackling the full dimensions of the challenge.  We believe that the competitive demands of the modern global economy require starting from the ground up to build an entirely new approach to education.  Students will …

  • Learn while solving real problems, hands-on, in teams
  • Get regular feedback to improve until they achieve
  • Master leadership and success skills by taking charge of their learning
  • Discover their unique gifts and passions, and career directions where each can be successful and fulfilled

Here is a very relevant call to arms in today’s Covid times from Ted Dintersmith.

This brilliant video sums up the issue by asking “What is school for?”.

The producers of the film Most Likely to Succeed summarize the challenge very well in this 5 minute video:

See what students say about school, courtesy of the Future Project>

View this call for deeper learning from the Alliance for Excellent Education and the Hewlett Foundation.

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